*Filter - Abu Coffee TN140 Panama

*Filter - Abu Coffee TN140 Panama

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Abu Coffee was named to commemorate José Guillermo Luttrell Tedman, the Luttrell family’s ‘abuelo’, which means grandfather in Spanish. Jose Luttrell dreamed of continuing his grandfather’s vision of producing the best tasting coffees in Panama, and has grown Abu Coffee to what it is today.

Abu Coffee is situated in the Canas Verde region of Boquete, Panama, at 1500 masl, with a humid and rainy microclimate. Coffee trees are grown on the slopes of Volcan Baru National Park, with fertile and deep soils with rich organic material.

Harvest season begins in December until March when the humidity drops. This combined with the natural shade achieves the perfect balance for the cherries' maturation process, maximizing their flavors and sweetness. This unique microclimate results in gesha and catuai varietals with unique and outstanding characteristics.

This lot TN140 Catuai was a standout for us when we visited Jose and his team in 2023. We enjoy it for its creamy mouthfeel, juicy acidity and its distinct flavors.


200g Roasted for Filter



1550 m.a.s.l

Boquete, Panama

Tasting Notes
Whiskey, Cranberry, Chocolate


*We roast every Monday.