*Filter - Maguta Estate Jasper Lot 115 Kenya

*Filter - Maguta Estate Jasper Lot 115 Kenya

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This is an outstanding Kenyan coffee from Project Origin’s ‘CM Selections’ range, which is a selection of the finest Carbonic Maceration experimental coffee lots created across the world in a particular year.

Project Origin and David Ngibuini have collaborated on a joint initiative committed to improving the livelihoods of the local community in each region through restoration and improvement of farming practices, as well as implementing a range of CM processing techniques, to create a higher and more sustainable income for producers and farmers in Kenya. With the help of David, the Murware Farmers who deliver their cherries to Maguta Estate assist each other in maintaining their farming standards, resulting in ever-improving coffees.

The Project Origin CM selections are available in four categories: Indigo, Jasper, Amber and Diamond. Each category, named after a precious jewel, gives a generalised description of different flavour profiles created by the Carbonic Maceration process. This particular lot 115 is a Jasper, which are coffees classified to have a flavour profile reminiscent of red, orange and yellow fruits. Ruiru varietal coffee cherries spent a long time undergoing CM fermentation at ambient temperature to create red fruit flavours before being dried on raised beds stacked thick for the first five days to maintain fruit intensity and enhance body. They were then spread thin for twenty days and turned regularly to complete the drying process.

This coffee stood out to us for its exceptionally sweet, candy-like fruit flavors of strawberry, grape and peach.


200g Roasted for Filter


CM Natural

1650 - 1800 m.a.s.l

Nyeri County

Tasting Notes
Strawberry, Grape, Peach candy


*We roast every Monday.