Filter - La Palma y El Tucán Heroes Lot 457
Filter - La Palma y El Tucán Heroes Lot 457

Filter - La Palma y El Tucán Heroes Lot 457

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Started in 2012, La Palma y El Tucán is run by Felipe Sardi and Elisa María Madriñan in Cundinamarca, Colombia. With a passion for bettering their country’s treasure and those working behind the crop, La Palma y El Tucán has cultivated a thriving local community by bringing the fruits of their labor to the forefront of niche specialty coffee industry, incentivising over 90 micro-producers.

Making up 10% of La Palma y El Tucán's harvest, the Heroes series comprises of exotic varietals planted in nano-lots, with the coffee scoring above 89.00 points. 

A hybrid of Red Bourbon and Typica, the Sidra is an award-winning varietal that has the sweetness and the body of Red Bourbon and the bright taste and acidity of Typica. Originally from Ecuador, 1,793 trees planted in 2012, and after realising the amazing potential of this variety, another additional 4,300 trees were planted in 2015.

100g Roasted for Filter


Natural Fermentation

1740 m.a.s.l

Cudinamarca, Colombia

La Palma y El Tucan

Tasting Notes
Peach, Orange, Black Tea