*Filter - Milton Monroy Gesha Clouds Colombia

*Filter - Milton Monroy Gesha Clouds Colombia

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This is an outstanding natural processed gesha from Forest Green, a Colombian green coffee processing and exporting company run by two brothers, Elias and Shady Bayter.

This coffee was produced by a fourth generation coffee producer called Milton Monroy, at the very top of the farm at 1,800 masl where 7,000 coffee trees are shrouded with a thick fog, hence the name Gesha Clouds.

Milton inherited his farm from his parents but only began producing specialty in 2014. Despite his short history, his keen eye for processing and strict quality control has enabled him to produce outstanding coffees year on year.

Our team had the opportunity to cup Milton’s coffee with the Bayter brothers in 2021, and managed to purchase this coffee in 2022. This exquisite cup has sweet and elegant notes of fruit and botanicals, and is easily one of the crowd favourites.

100g Roasted for Filter


Anaerobic Natural

1800 m.a.s.l

Tolima, Colombia

Tasting Notes
Strawberry, Raw honey, White lily


*We roast every Monday.