*Filter - La Florida Ecuador
*Filter - La Florida Ecuador

*Filter - La Florida Ecuador

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Hacienda La Florida is located in Sozoranga an old Spanish settlement, in the skirts of an inactive volcano called Jatumpamba. This farm has been part of the Coronel Family since the beginning of the 19th century. The Coronel Pilco family will continue the legacy to protect the dry tropical forest unique in the world and produce the best of their agricultural production. 

 Fabricio and Ramiro Coronel Pilco began their specialty coffee adventure in 2015, planting Catucai without having a complete understanding on the specialty coffee industry and what exactly their goal was. The Catucai variety is resistant and shows good production yields, though it's often said to not have a great cup profile due to the timor genetics. This was something that was realized into the journey of the farm, which makes it hard to go backward - the solution, was to purchase the processing equipment and tools necessary to express the full potential of their terroir and the variety. 

 In 2017 Fabricio and Ramiro planted Typica Mejorado and Bourbon Sidra, varietals that have seen fantastic success in their agroforestry system.

We can tell you this coffee was recently used to win the World Brewers Cup Championship in 2021 by a good friend of ours, Matt Winton. We've decided to Cellar a significant chunk of this lot in order to one day look back on the brilliant memories and opportunities this coffee created. It's the type of coffee we should save for a rainy day - the type of coffee to look forward to.


120g Roasted for Filter


CM Washed

1200 m.a.s.l

La Florida, Ecuador

Tasting Notes
Red apple, floral, black tea


*We roast on every Monday.