Filter - Finca El Retiro
Filter - Finca El Retiro

Filter - Finca El Retiro

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Founded in 1927, Finca El Retiro has been passed down through four generations and is now owned and managed by Alfredo Pacas and his family. The Pacas family has a clear vision for the specialty coffee sector in El Salvador; specifically on their own farms. They are continuously pushing boundaries to improve quality, mixing the best traditional practice with cutting-edge quality control systems and techniques. 

The Bernardina varietal was first discovered at Finca Los Bellotos, which was bought over by the Pacas family in 2012. Farm manager Ruperto Bernardino Merche first noticed "peculiar" trees growing on the farm, with the cherries tasting really distinct and complex. They decided to mark all the trees and harvested its cherries to be processed and cupped, as they knew it was "special". Unable to pinpoint the variety, it was sent for a DNA test, only to discover the sample did not correspond to any documented coffee variety. In honour of Ruperto, the exceptional variety now bears the name “Bernardina”. 

120g Roasted for Filter



1400 - 1600 m.a.s.l

Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range

Tasting Notes
 Plum, Stone fruits, Black tea