*Filter - El Vergel Rebel Colombia
*Filter - El Vergel Rebel Colombia

*Filter - El Vergel Rebel Colombia

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This gesha is one of the most demanding coffees to be produced at El Vergel, located at the highest part of the estate, this varietal was planted based on the soil and climate conditions specifically to promote an extended growth of the cherries ti promote higher brix content. ​Planted in 2016 with a quantity of 12.300 plants, this micro-lot has been managed to find specific genetic branches of the Gesha to develop specific processes based on this genetic branches, for this coffee, was used more than 80% of green-tip gesha, processed by a washed anaerobic extended fermentation with a drying process developed in 3 phases, to promote a stabilization during different moisture levels of the beans.

This coffee undergoes a semi-washed process, with an anaerobic pre-fermentation submerged for 20 hours in cherry and 24 after aerobic pulping without submerging.


100g Roasted for Filter



1450 m.a.s.l


Tolima, Colombia

Tasting Notes
Earl grey, red apple, lavender


*We roast every Monday.