*Filter - C.C.D RSV #31 Panama
*Filter - C.C.D RSV #31 Panama

*Filter - C.C.D RSV #31 Panama

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Creativa Coffee District is a specialty coffee producer that creates a community with coffee growers by buying their coffee cherries and uses state-of-the-art facilities and innovative processing methods in order to push the limits and guarantee exceptional coffee profiles for Panama coffees, while being committed to sustainable practices and guarantee higher incomes for growers.


In this process, we lay the coffee onto the patio in thin layers (5cm) for two days before beginning the fermentation process in plastic bags. The average temperature of our patio is 32° celsius, and this serves to reduce moisture levels to such an extent that water is not available to promote bacteriological reactions, but enough to aid enzymatic reactions within the structure of the bean. In doing so, we minimise the risk of fungal developments on the cherry in these first crucial few days. The embryo continues to transform the sugars in the endosperm into less complex sugars, and thus the coffee cherry remains "alive" for much longer. This can extend the process considerably, the longest batch of the harvest this year was three weeks.


100g Roasted for Filter


Dynamic Cherry

1500 m.a.s.l


Creativa Coffee District

Tasting Notes
White peach, Honey, Lily


*We roast on every Mondays.