Filter - C.C.D #16 Don Ruben
Filter - C.C.D #16 Don Ruben

Filter - C.C.D #16 Don Ruben

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Ruben Viera, 71 years, inherited his family’s seven-hectare farm in 2006. He has been working with coffee all of his life, and it began as a hobby, helping out his parents anywhere he could as a youngster. He now has five hectares planted with a total of 11,400 coffee trees, growing beneath a canopy of citrus trees. All work on the farm is performed by hand, and Ruben employs three people year-round to keep his crop at its healthiest. During the harvest, he employs up to 15 people.

Creativa Coffee District is a specialty coffee producer that creates a community with coffee growers by buying their coffee cherries and uses state-of-the-art facilities and innovative processing methods in order to push the limits and guarantee exceptional coffee profiles for Panama coffees, while being committed to sustainable practices and guarantee higher incomes for growers.

Intrinsic Cherry Process

Here they ferment the cherry in the very same bags they come in. It is in this way the process maintains the essence of each micro-lot. The bacteria and yeast strains are unique and vary in each batch, and by involving them in the fermentation, they let the essence of the cherry shine. They open the fermentation environment to the air and allow nature to guide the temperature - which averages at 30°C. In this case, they just keep an eye out to keep temperatures below 45°C, to prevent the cherries from overheating. They keep the fermentation times between 12 and 72 hours, because the soaring temperatures of their natural environment result in drastic changes of the cherry cell structure, and rapid embryo death, completely changing the cup profile.

100g Roasted for Filter


Intrinsic Cherry 

1400 m.a.s.l


Creativa Coffee District 

Tasting Notes
Stewed pineapples, hawthorn flower, mango