Acaia Pearl Scale 2021
Acaia Pearl Scale 2021
Acaia Pearl Scale 2021

Acaia Pearl Scale 2021

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Meet the award-winning Acaia Pearl — Reimagined.

The Pearl 2021 revision is tailored for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. It has a longer battery life and helpful brewing modes, and includes new features such as a patent-pending technology for faster weighing response time, a brand new Flow-Rate Indicator for real-time feedback during pour over brewing, a modular design for sustainable maintenance, and USB-C charging.


  • Faster & more responsive - With new weighing technology, the Pearl stabilizes faster and more accurately during brewing, saving precious time for busy baristas.
  • Accurate & sensitive - Readability up to 0.1g. The Acaia Pearl is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation and temperature.
  • Essential Brewing Modes - From the Dual Display Mode to Auto-Tare modes to Beverage Mode, there’s a mode to fit your brewing style. 
  • Optimised Sunlight Readability - The display is easy to read in all indoor light conditions. Enhanced brightness also allows for better outdoor visibility. 
  • Real-Time Flow-Rate Indicator - The Flow-Rate Indicator visualizes your real-time pouring speed and suggests thresholds for ideal flow rates. 
  • USB Type-C Rechargeable - A greener alternative power source, the lithium ion battery lasts 30-40 hours. 
  • Acaia apps - Pair the coffee scale with the Acaia app for to track and analyze the brew's flow rate. Visualize each brew to find improvements or share techniques with a friend. With the Pearl, you can perfect your skills and discover a world of new possibilities for your coffee.