*Filter - Hacienda La Florida Ecuador

*Filter - Hacienda La Florida Ecuador

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This coffee is a special one for us, as it is our first ever successful bid from the annual Taza Dorada Ecuador coffee auction in 2022.

This white honey processed Sidra varietal was grown in Hacienda La Florida. The farm is located in Sozoranga, an old Spanish settlement in Ecuador, in the outskirts of an inactive volcano called Jatumpamba. This farm has been part of the Coronel Family since the 19th century. However, brothers Fabricio and Ramiro Coronel Pilco began their specialty coffee adventure only recently in 2015. Within less than a decade, they have made their mark in the specialty coffee industry, relentlessly working hard to constantly produce high quality coffees that are worthy for the world stage.

This coffee scored 91.47 points in the auction and we managed to purchase all three boxes. We enjoy its complex flavors of bright fruits as well as unique florals.


100g Roasted for Filter


White Honey

1200 m.a.s.l

Sozoranga, Loja

Tasting Notes
Grape, Peach, Raw Sugar


*We roast every Monday.