*Filter - Jardines Del Eden Colombia

*Filter - Jardines Del Eden Colombia

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Felipe and Carlos Arcila, the founders of Cofinet, are fourth generation coffee producers from Quindio, Colombia. They purchased Jardines Del Eden in 2015 to focus on growing exotic varieties of coffees, and started Cofinet to produce, source and export the highest quality of Colombian coffees to the world.

The coffees from Jardines Del Eden are truly special to us. In October 2019, our team visited Jardines Del Eden for the first time, where Felipe proudly showed us seedlings of new experimental varietals that will produce ripe cherries in about three years. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit exactly three years later in October 2022, where we tasted the fruits of his labour and selected a few outstanding new varietals to share with our guests back home.

The Java varietal originated in Ethiopia and it is a natural mutation of Typica. Its seeds were later taken to Indonesia where it was named Java. Cofinet first planted Java in Quindio recently in 2018 at both lower and higher altitudes and have since noticed that the cup quality is still of good quality regardless of its elevation. Furthermore, the Java trees are always healthy and consistently exhibits significant resistance to leaf rust.

This coffee is sweet, juicy and comfortable, with yellow peaches up front, a brown sugar sweetness throughout the cup and a gentle and long floral aftertaste.


100g Roasted for Filter



1800 - 2000 m.a.s.l

Armenia, Quindio

Tasting Notes
Yellow peach, Brown sugar, Jasmine


*We roast every Monday.