*Filter - Janson X 958 Panama
*Filter - Janson X 958 Panama

*Filter - Janson X 958 Panama

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Jansons’ first farm Hacienda Cafetalera was established in 1941, originally a cattle farm by Carl Axel Janson, an immigrant from Sweden. Since then, they’ve founded another farm Los Alpes, their own nursery and beneficio (processing plant), which was built in 1993. The beneficio is dedicated only for specialty coffee, which helps to keep different lots separated from each other. The Jansons are also committed to improving and protecting the environment. Energy is produced by 400 solar panels, excess matter from processing is used as fertilizer and water for washed processing comes from their own springs.

This coffee is of the gesha variety, and it’s grown at Los Alpes farm. The volcanic soil, the altitude of 1800 meters and the special microclimate in between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans combined with optimal care of the gesha plants result in high quality cherries that are then hand-picked and processed with the best practices and latest knowledge about fermentation and drying. The result is an elegant, complex and luxurious profile that we’ve all been accustomed to knowing and love gesha from.

The Janson X project is simply about trying to quantify these differences in custom- build dehydrators that can dry coffee quickly under cooler conditions than average harvest norms.

This coffee was three years in the making for Janson, and is the first ever Janson X Catuai to be produced. The Janson X process involves an extended and extremely controlled drying process at a cooler temperature. This coffee was dried for a total of 79 days, which resulted in an extraordinary flavour profile unlike any Catuai we have ever tasted.

We are happy to have purchased the entire lot from the Best of Panama 2022 auction and are honoured to showcase the amazing work Janson has done with this beautiful coffee.


100g Roasted for Filter


Janson X Natural

1350 - 1700 m.a.s.l

Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama

Tasting Notes
Raspberry, Molasses, Whiskey


*We roast every Monday.