*Filter - Janson Kamala 885 Panama
*Filter - Janson Kamala 885 Panama

*Filter - Janson Kamala 885 Panama

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Jansons’ first farm Hacienda Cafetalera was established in 1941, originally a cattle farm by Carl Axel Janson, an immigrant from Sweden. Since then, they’ve founded another farm Los Alpes, their own nursery and beneficio (processing plant), which was built in 1993. The beneficio is dedicated only for specialty coffee, which helps to keep different lots separated from each other. The Jansons are also committed to improving and protecting the environment. Energy is produced by 400 solar panels, excess matter from processing is used as fertilizer and water for washed processing comes from their own springs.

Janson is the first estate in Panama to process coffee with Indonesian yeast inoculants from Catur. Catur categorizes their post-harvest processed coffees into four categories, Bumi, Senja, Pucuk and Kamala. This lot 885 Green-tip Gesha was processed as a Kamala, which means ‘lotus’ as well as ‘pale red’ in Sanskrit. Kamala coffees, which are mostly anaerobic naturals, represent Catur’s take on what Indonesian coffees has the potential to be, possessing fruity and complex flavors as a result of experimental yet controlled post-harvest techniques. 


100g Roasted for Filter



Catur Yeast Natural

1800 m.a.s.l

Tizingal Volcan Area, Panama

Tasting Notes
Yellow peach, maple, jasmine


*We roast every Monday.