*Filter - El Vergel Colombia
*Filter - El Vergel Colombia

*Filter - El Vergel Colombia

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This coffee is produced in the El Vergel farm in Fresno, Tolima, by the brothers Shady & Elias Bayter, who have been involved in farming from childhood, following the steps of their parents, who started as avocado growers.

The experience of growing up in the countryside created a strong bond between the brothers, farming and the region where they grew up. In 2012, they ventured into the world of coffee and fell in love with it. Immense dreams around coffee were born. Two years later, they discovered the specialty coffee movement and that's when they found the direction they wanted for El Vergel and for themselves to pursue.

In 2016, after several years of researching coffee varieties, appropriate climates and soils, the Bayter brothers kickstarted a varietal project at Finca El Vergel. The farm has a special microclimate thanks to the proximity to the snow-capped volcano Nevado del Ruiz, on whose slopes El Vergel is located. 

El Vergel Estate has been producing a variety of coffees and experimenting with new and innovative processing techniques. 
This coffee is a 240hours anaerobic natural process.

This Gesha is one of the most demanding coffees to be produced at El Vergel, located at the highest part of the estate, this varietal was planted based on the soil and climate conditions specifically to promote an extended growth of the cherries to promote higher brix content. ​Planted in 2016 with a quantity of 12.300 plants, this micro-lot has been managed to find specific genetic branches of the Gesha to develop specific processed based on these genetic branches, for this coffee, was used a mix of 4 genetic branches, which gives more complexity to the profile. This coffee was processed with +95% optimum cherry ripeness, and developed with a 240-hour fermentation in a stainless steel tank with water. This cools down the temperature of the environment to allow for the long fermentation duration. After which, the cherries undergo slow intermittent sun-drying. 


100g Roasted for Filter


240h Anaerobic Natural

1450 m.a.s.l


Tolima, Colombia

Tasting Notes
Red grape, Apricot, Hibiscus


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