*Filter - El Vergel Genius Bourbon Colombia

*Filter - El Vergel Genius Bourbon Colombia

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Finca El Vergel is one of the oldest single estates in Tolima, Colombia, run by first generation producers, brothers Elias and Shady Bayter.

This Red Bourbon is one of the most remarkable coffees produced at El Vergel. Martha Montenegro, the mastermind behind this coffee, orchestrated a women-powered team to manage this lot. Planted back in 2016 with 5,500 coffee plants, this micro lot became Martha's playground for experimentation. Fast forward to 2018, the Women Project grew to a team of over 15. Their meticulous picking has taken quality to new heights, hitting an impressive 95% of mature cherries with every harvest.


100g Roasted for Filter

Red Bourbon

Mosto Natural

1460 m.a.s.l

Huila, Colombia

Tasting Notes
Cacao nibs, Winey, Raspberry


*We roast every Monday.