*Espresso - Senja Batukaang 01 Indonesia

*Espresso - Senja Batukaang 01 Indonesia

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We have always been in awe with how Catur Coffee Company experiments with yeast inoculant fermentations, elevating the quality of Indonesian coffees and showcasing them proudly to the world. This Kartika varietal from the Batukaang region in Bali is no exception.

Catur categorizes their coffees into four distinct flavour profiles. This coffee is a Senja, which means ‘sunset’ in Sanskrit. Just like the different
colors and stages of the sunset, the taste profile of Senja coffees is
signified by a combination of deep and complex vibrancy, fruit sweetness and round body. Senja utilises blending techniques as well as bacteria & fungi based inoculants during the processing stage.

We chose this coffee as a seasonal espresso for its creaminess and sweetness that reminds us of dark chocolate and molasses, and a balanced acidity of stonefruit.


200g Roasted for Espresso


Catur Yeast Anaerobic Honey

1200 - 1500 m.a.s.l

Batukaang, Bali

Tasting Notes
Stonefruit, Milk chocolate, Hazelnut


*We roast on every Monday.